By definition, a pre-workout is a supplement that is used before an athlete’s body goes into a particular training unit.

It is ideal for people who have problems with concentration and stimulation before training. In such a situation, it’s hard to get fruitful results and give yourself the maximum possible – thoughts wander in the clouds. In order to focus on training and to enter it as a more stimulated person, specialists recommend various pre-training supplements.



Composition and effects of pre-training supplements

Pre-training supplements give the proverbial kick to the person who uses them before the workout. They contain substances which stimulate the nervous system and muscles to more intensive work. They come in various forms – most often in the form of a shot/drink. In their composition they contain ingredients such as:
– Caffeine – its an agent that was first discovered in nature. Its task is to act on the central nervous system. It blocks the receptors which “inhibit” the nervous system and make it quieten its activity. After providing the appropriate amount of caffeine, the body is stimulated and ready for action.
– Creatine is a supplement intended for muscles and providing them with ATP necessary for intensive work. Exercising can be very tiring and your muscles are constantly working. Creatine will provide them with a good environment to work and a source of energy to reach their maximum potential.
– Citrulline is a nitric oxide booster which widens blood vessels. Through it, muscles receive a large dose of oxygen and nutrients, stimulating them to work.
– BCAA amino acids are also targeted at muscles. They provide them with the necessary nutrients to protect against catabolism. An additional advantage is the intensification of fat burning, which is never in short supply.

A pre-trainer used with your head has never killed anyone. However, be careful not to overdose on its components – then you may encounter unpleasant side effects such as irritability, heart palpitations or insomnia.